Bitterness and some updates

I haven't written in a while. I just feel like a lot of what I wrote is griping and I don't want to sound super negative all the time. Anyways...Haleigh turned one on December 4! She has had two smash cakes and will have one more when we visit her grandparents for Christmas. Our families …

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Aching heart

My heart hurts today. Two years ago today our nightmare began and Hannah died. I have so many regrets from that day and the weekend before it. I just miss her so bad. I feel so much guilt and it catches me off guard and makes my heart heavy.


I had anxiety before losing Hannah and it became worse after she died and then even worse after Haleigh was born. I was diagnosed with postpartum anxiety and was prescribed Zoloft which has helped significantly. However, when something goes wrong those anxious feelings come flooding in again. Today I took Haleigh for a weight check …

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